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Learning languages. What schools have you attended? Are you gifted in something?

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Are you specialising in any subject? What are arts and science subjects? How is your progress at school assessed? How are parents informed about the progress of their children? What happens if somebody fails a subject? Are exams really necessary? What happens if somebody misses a class? Do you take part in afternoon classes? What foreign languages are taught at your school? What is your schoollike? What is the gym like in your school?

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Does your school have a choir? Does your school have a drama group? Does your school have a school magazine? Does your school organise school trips? Do you go on trips with your class? Who decides about the trips? Does your school have contacts with schools abroad? Does your school have a homepage? Jewel Match Atlantic pasziánsz your school offer special courses? Does your school prepare you for a particular profession?

Do you wear uniforms at school? What do you keep in your school bag? What events do you celebrate at school? Do you idolise any of your teachers? Do you think teachers should set an example for students? Is it possible to study without a teacher? Are all the subjects taught at school equalIy important? At what age do children start school in Hungary? When do children start school in England and the U.

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Is pre-school compulsory? What private and state institutions are there for children under school age? Are there private primary schools in Hungary? What kinds of schools can students choose after primary school in Hungary?

What is tertiary education like in Hungary? How would you change the educational system in Hungary? How large proportion of the population attends higher education in Hungary? What are the most popular fields of study in higher education? What is your opinion about entrance exams? Learning l angnages. How can students finance their studies? What is your Jewel Match Atlantic pasziánsz about private education? What is the education system like in England?

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What is the education system like in the United States? What kinds of exams can students take in Hungary? What kinds of possibilities are there for further studies after finishing a university? What is youropinion about spending a school year abroad? What do you think of colleges and universities which offer you easy admittance for a tuition fee? What is the difference between a full-time and a correspondence student?

What is distance learning, and is it effective?

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Should schools Jewel Match Atlantic pasziánsz afternoon programmes for their students? What do you think about physical education? What facilities should a library offer for students? Are you satisfied with the libraries in your town? What makes good students? What are good teachers like? What can you find in a well-equipped classroom? How do people learn languages in Hungary? Where do you study English? How did you prepare for the language exam?

Why is it important to take a Jewel Match Atlantic pasziánsz exam? Is language learning different form learning other subjects? Is learning a foreign language important? Where can you practise the languages you know? How can you improve your vocabulary? When is it important to use a dictionary? What could be the problems of machine translation?

Is it more important to be able to speak or write in English? What is slang?

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What is a language laboratory used for? Why have you chosen to learn English? Why is English said to be a world language? Is it possible to learn a foreign language without spending some time in a Jewel Match Atlantic pasziánsz where the language is spoken? Which language learning method do you consider the most successful one for you?

How important is knowing the grammar of a féregtelenítő férgek language? Can watching TV help to learn a language? After creche, I went to nursery school, which I liked very much because I could play with a lot of children and there was lots of interesting playground equipment.

My favourites were the jungle gym, swings and sandpit. We had lovely nursery school teachers, who prepared us for the school brilliantly. At the age of six I started primary school. I attended only the junior section in my hometown as, when I was eleven, my parents got divorced and I moved Jewel Match Atlantic pasziánsz another town with my mother and sister.

In the senior section I had a wonderful chemistry teacher. Her classes were so fascinating that I decided to become a chemist. This is why I went to a secondary school which is famous for the many scientists who attended it.

I mely halaknak nincs parazita in Jewel Match Atlantic pasziánsz and chemistry. After the school-leaving exam, I sat for the entrance exam at the Vékonybél paraziták kezelése of Pharmacy of the Jewel Match Atlantic pasziánsz School.

Now I'm a third-year student Jewel Match Atlantic pasziánsz.

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I'm good at art subjects, especially history and languages. My favourite is Spanish and I'm lucky because I could spend two summer holidays in Spain. I could practice the language, and I got to know the culture and customs of Spanish people. I especially like their food and music. I will never Jewel Match Atlantic pasziánsz the lovely families I stayed with.

They promised to visit me some time. I don't mind geography and biology, though I'm not very good at them. What I really hate is PE. These classes are in the early morning in the swimming pool or on the school's sports ground where we only run and do push-ups. My friend goes to another school, and they play ball games at least twice a week, which my teacher keeps promising, but we never ·get to do.

Yes, I'm said to be talented at drawing and painting. My parents would be happier if I were half as good at maths. I don't really know what kind of career I could use this talent for. Yes, we have five biology lessons a week. We sometimes go to the Botanical Garden, too.

It was my parents' decision to choose this specialisation as they both are doctors and want me to become a doctor, too.

I would rather concentrate on art subjects, mainly history and Hungarian since I have Jewel Match Atlantic pasziánsz wanted to become a lawyer. Arts subjects are history, music, Hungarian literature and grammar, and foreign languages; science subjects are mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry, geographyand computer science. We regularly write tests in every subject and we have oral exams, too. I prefer written tests because speaking in front of the whole class makes me nervous.

Jewel Match Atlantic pasziánsz a year, that is, at the end of the autumn and the spring term, we get a grade report. The grades are entered in the children's report books which are signed by the parents regularly.

Twice a year, after finishing the terms, students get a grade report.

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If somebody fails in the autumn term, he or she can continue his or her studies and should work harder, but if somebody fails in the spring term, he or she has to take an exam in that particular subject before the beginning of the next school year. If he or she is not successful, he or she has to repeat the year. Most students hate exams, saying that they are unable to remember things because they are too nervous and they can't concentrate under stress, and they also criticise most marking as subjective.

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On the other hand, psychologists say that exams that are carried out professionally don't harm but help children to develop their abilities and prepare them for life. The person has to have a medical certificate and, of course, has to catch up with the others.

Our form paraziták a szobanövények számára is a young man who is on good terms with Jewel Match Atlantic pasziánsz whole class. He often organises hiking tours at weekends and parties at the school. As for my classmates, I like most of them a lot. We often go to matches and discos together. Yes, in the afternoons we can use the computer labo Once a week an instructor from the Technical University comes to teach us information technology and helps us when we have a problem with the computer.

My school is a big modern two-storey building. It is situated in a quiet neighbourhood. It has a big yard with trees and a well-equipped gym. We have a big gym with all the necessary equipment.

There are goalposts, basketball hoops, ropes and wall-bars. Yes, we have two choirs. One is only for girls and the other is for both girls and boys.

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